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Domboshava’s speedster: Bernard Jay blazing a trai...

Domboshava’s speedster: Bernard Jay blazing a trail in South Africa

Bernard Jay

Patience Muchemwa

Zim Now Reporter

From humble beginnings in Domboshava to scorching tracks in Pretoria, Bernard Jay is a rising star in Zimbabwean athletics.

This young athlete isn’t easily categorised. Jay excels in both javelin throws and sprinting events, a testament to his incredible versatility. Currently training with the Black Diamond Athletics Club in Pretoria, South Africa, Jay is turning heads with his raw talent and unwavering determination.

Jay’s journey began on the dusty fields of his hometown. It was during his primary school days that he discovered his natural talent for athletics. “[I come] from Domboshava,” Jay says, “I am a former student of Visitation Makumbi High School, that’s where I improved my career of athletics since primary school.”

Despite his early potential, Jay’s rise wasn’t without hurdles. The lack of proper equipment in Zimbabwe, such as timers and specialised javelins, made it difficult to train at a competitive level. Yet, Jay persevered. His unwavering passion fuelled his drive to find a solution.

“The challenges I was facing [were] mostly the proper equipment or implements to use in sports,” Jay explains, “I managed my challenges through having another club in South Africa.”

This move to South Africa proved to be a turning point. With access to better facilities and coaching, Jay’s talent truly began to flourish.

His dedication has yielded impressive results. At a young age, Jay has already amassed a remarkable collection of accolades - 15 medals and 3 trophies! This includes an impressive eight gold medals, showcasing his dominance in both sprinting and javelin throw.

But Jay isn’t defined solely by his athletic prowess. He also demonstrates remarkable balance, maintaining a fulfilling career as a technical operator alongside his athletic pursuits. This dedication to both his professional and athletic aspirations showcases Jay’s well-rounded character.

Jay’s message to aspiring athletes is clear and powerful: “The sky is no limit. Don’t limit yourself. One day, you can be a champion. Never give up.”

His story, a journey from a small town to athletic success in South Africa, is a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance.

Jay isn’t on this journey alone. He recognises the invaluable support of his coaches, from Mavhuto Tumba and Nyakonda in Zimbabwe to his current coach, Coach Hugoo, in Pretoria.  He also draws inspiration from American sprinter Fred Kerley, whose Olympic gold medal motivates Jay to push his own limits.

Finally, Jay acknowledges the unwavering support of his family members. “In my career journey,” he says: “I just want to thank all my coaches and all my family members through helping me with different things.”

This gratitude fuels his determination as he strives for greatness.

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