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Black Rhinos face disciplinary action after offici...
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Black Rhinos face disciplinary action after official misconduct

Patience Muchemwa

Black Rhinos is facing disciplinary action following a weekend match against CC Lee Mhangura. The team is accused of misconduct involving both players on the bench and the technical staff.

 The incident occurred during a crucial match where Rhinos held a 1-0 lead. When a penalty was awarded to Mhangura, members of the Rhinos bench and technical team swarmed the field to protest the decision. The penalty was converted, resulting in a 1-1 draw. However, even after the final whistle, the Rhinos technical team continued to remonstrate with the match officials.

 The Zifa Northern Region League has condemned Black Rhinos' actions in a statement, calling them "deplorable behavior that tarnishes the image of the league." The statement further emphasizes that such behavior is "not called for and has no justification whatsoever."

 A disciplinary hearing is scheduled for next week to determine the extent of the punishment for Black Rhinos. Potential sanctions could include fines, suspensions, or point deductions.


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