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15 presidential pardon inmates re-arrested

15 presidential pardon inmates re-arrested

Feature: Presidential amnesty gives prisoners second chance of life in  Zimbabwe - Xinhua | English.news.cn


National Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi has confirmed that at least 15 prisoners who were released under the Presidential amnesty last month have been re-arrested.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa last month issued the clemency order to de-congest national prisons and promote better living conditions.

4 270 prisoners countrywide were allowed to go home after their sentences were reduced

The inmates were released following a meticulous process of verifying potential beneficiaries.

Ass Comm Nyathi said som of the suspects were rearrested for offences including murder and armed robbery.

“They were arrested for offences such as theft, unlawful entry and theft, stock theft, armed robbery and murder,” he said.

"Of the 15, one was arrested in Harare for murder, two in Matabeleland South for armed robbery and one in Mashonaland West Province for stock theft. 

"The rest were arrested for theft and unlawful entry.

"Some of them have been convicted while others still have their cases pending before the courts," he said.

A Harare man who recently benefited from the Presidential clemency is back behind bars after being sentenced to an effective one-year jail term for stealing blankets, an inverter and phones from a house in Borrowdale, Harare.

Brian James,23, was convicted of unlawful entry charges on his own plea of guilty by Harare magistrate Mrs Ethel Rutendo Chichera.

Initially, Mrs Chichera sentenced the unrepentant James to 15 months in jail, but suspended three months on condition of good behaviour.

The State proved that on May 21 at around 10.45am, Ms Amanda Nkobwe left home going to church, leaving all windows closed and doors locked.

Ms Nkobwe left the keys on the lower part of the roof, where she usually left them, just in case her house-mates returned home earlier.

James confirmed to the court that he used the keys to unlock the doors after seeing Ms Nkobwe placing them on the roof.

As soon as Ms Nkobwe had left for church, James went to the house and took the keys from the roof, unlocked the door and entered the house.

He then stole a Huawei cellphone, an Itel cellphone, an inverter and two blankets.

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