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Basket Grocer founder Tatenda Pemba overcomes chal...

Basket Grocer founder Tatenda Pemba overcomes challenges to promote healthy eating and women empowerment

Basket Grocer founder, Tatenda Pemba

Audrey Galawu


Tatenda Pemba, the founder of Basket Grocer, is a rising star in Zimbabwe’s agricultural industry. Her company offers organic and healthy delicacies, free of preservatives, and Pemba's journey to entrepreneurship is as inspiring as her products.

Pemba identified a gap in the market for processed agricultural products and, driven by her passion for health and well-being, launched Basket Grocer. She wasn’t just focused on profits; Pemba also saw the opportunity to create employment for women and contribute to food security, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 2.

Overcoming challenges is part of the entrepreneurial journey, and Pemba has faced her share. Leaving formal employment, securing funding, and entering the competitive agro-processing space all presented hurdles. But Pemba persevered, her faith and strong family support system serving as her foundation.

Tatenda Pemba

Her dedication was recently recognised when she was named one of the country’s 40 under 40 most influential leaders. This recognition, Pemba says, is a validation of her hard work and a sign of her potential as a leader. It’s also a chance for her to inspire others, particularly aspiring female leaders, to make a positive impact.

While the recognition brings joy, it also comes with a pressure to excel and live up to the honour. But Pemba is no stranger to hard work, and she embraces the challenge.

Pemba’s message to young people is one of encouragement. She advises them to be daring, patient, and find a balance between work and family. Embrace opportunities, see challenges as learning experiences, and never give up on your dreams.

With Basket Grocer, Tatenda Pemba is not just selling healthy snacks; she’s building a brighter future for herself, her community, and Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector.

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