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Ex-employee breaks into Interpol offices
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Ex-employee breaks into Interpol offices

Zim Now Writer

In a bizarre turn of events, a former Interpol employee, Whitemore Tafadzwa Kakono, appeared in court on Wednesday facing charges of unlawful entry. Kakono, currently employed as a driver at the University of Zimbabwe's Vice Chancellor's Office, allegedly attempted to enter the Interpol Regional Bureau in Harare on Monday.

 According to court documents presented by Prosecutor Rufaro Chonzi, Kakono gained unauthorized access to the Interpol office through a window. Thankfully, his actions were captured on CCTV, leading to his swift apprehension before he could take anything.

 The audacity of the alleged crime has raised eyebrows, particularly given Kakono's previous employment with Interpol. Magistrate Caroline Matanga remanded Kakono in custody until today's bail hearing, leaving many to speculate about his motive and the potential security lapses that may have allowed him to exploit this vulnerability

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