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Gvt targets illegal casinos
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Gvt targets illegal casinos

Philemon Jambaya

The Zimbabwean government has declared war on illegal gambling operations, with Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe issuing a stern warning to individuals and entities flouting the law.

 In a statement released this week, Kazembe emphasized that operating casinos and gaming shops without approval from the Lotteries and Gaming Board of Zimbabwe is a criminal offense.  He cited Section 31 of the Lotteries and Gaming Act (Chapter 10:26) as the legal basis for this regulation.

Kazembe expressed concern about the dangers posed by these unauthorized gambling establishments.  He pointed out that unsuspecting Zimbabweans are targeted and become victims of such illegal practices.

"The government will not tolerate any unlawful gaming activities within the borders of the country," Minister Kazembe declared. "Any persons and organisations found wanting in this regard will face the full wrath of the law."

 The Minister outlined a two-pronged approach to tackle this issue. First, the Lotteries and Gaming Board will take decisive measures against illegal operations, including shutting down unlicensed casinos, gaming shops, and other betting facilities. Second, law enforcement will work with the Board to prosecute those responsible.

The statement also highlighted a disturbing trend where some operators have constructed or equipped casinos without obtaining the necessary permits from the Board.  Kazembe reiterated the government's zero-tolerance policy for such activities.

Public cooperation is a key element in this crackdown. The Ministry has urged Zimbabweans to report any suspicious gambling operations to the Lotteries and Gaming Board or the nearest police station.

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