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41-Strong Zimbabwe Junior Squash Contingent Heads ...
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41-Strong Zimbabwe Junior Squash Contingent Heads to South Africa for Inter-Provincial Tournament

Patience Muchemwa

In a display of national pride and burgeoning talent, Zimbabwe Junior Squash is sending a 41-player contingent to compete in the upcoming Inter-Provincial Tournament (IPT) in South Africa.

The tournament kicks off on June 15th and runs until June 19th, 2024, with these young athletes showcasing their skills across various age groups in different South African cities.

Nishyto Munyoro, brimming with pride in his role as Secretary of Zimbabwe Junior Squash, emphasizes the significance of this opportunity. He highlights the dedication and teamwork these players have displayed, earning them a coveted spot on the team.

Munyoro delivers a message of encouragement, urging the athletes to make their mark on the competition, showcase their passion for the sport, and compete with unwavering belief in themselves.

He also extends his heartfelt gratitude to the coaches, families, and supporters who have played a crucial role in their journey to this prestigious tournament.

Robert Nyakuwa, Manager of Belgravia Squash Academy, applauds the remarkable teamwork and unwavering support that made this tour a reality. He acknowledges the invaluable contributions of parents, individuals, sponsors, and the tireless efforts of the Junior Squash Committee throughout the extensive preparation process.

Nyakuwa highlights the financial challenges that were faced but emphasizes the outstanding cooperation that brought the team to this point.

Looking towards the future and the upcoming 2028 Olympics where Squash will be making its debut, Nyakuwa encourages the committee to explore competition beyond South Africa, seeking out tougher challenges to prepare these young players for the international stage.

Ahmed Hassan, the selector for Zimbabwe Squash, observes a positive trajectory in Zimbabwean squash this year. He is particularly encouraged by the increase in participation, especially among girls, which signifies the growing popularity and accessibility of the sport.

Hassan expresses his hope that the junior players will excel not only on the court but also serve as role models, embodying the rich sporting heritage and national character of Zimbabwe.

Malvin Mubure, captain of the Zimbabwe Squash senior team, extends his heartfelt wishes to the junior teams and their dedicated support staff.

He recognizes the crucial role played by coaches, managers, parents, and sponsors, expressing his sincere gratitude for their unwavering commitment to nurturing and developing the sport of squash in Zimbabwe.

Boyd Raynars, Junior Squash Chairman for the Squash Rackets Association of Zimbabwe, reflects on the collaborative effort that brought this South African tour to fruition.

He acknowledges the financial difficulties that were faced but emphasizes the unwavering dedication displayed by parents, sponsors, and the entire squash community.

Raynars expresses his deepest gratitude to the generous sponsors who made this journey a reality for the young athletes. He also commends the remarkable dedication of the parents who shouldered a significant portion of the costs.

He also acknowledges the hard work and determination of the coaches, players, and Junior Squash Committee members in making this tour possible.

Here's a list of the participating players, representing various schools and academies across the country:

Heather Hudebwe (Young Africa Academy)

Bryce Cornish, Richman Parmer, Aiden Flaxman (St John's Prep)

Brett Raynars, Brayden Raynars, Tadiwa Mapiro, Jamie Kamsho (St George's College)

Jasper Dawson, Sydney Constantino, Mohammed Keriah, Lucas Ribeiro, Troy Cormack, Tendekai Haparimwi (St John's College)

Natasha Gwadzima, Tanatswa Mugomedzi (Riverdale Academy)

Robert Weller, Issac Allot, Rukudzo Midzi, Catherine Murno (Peterhouse Group of Schools)

Shaheen Jambo (Nottingham Academy)

Brighton Mpofu (Milton High School)

Bella Mellor (Hellenic Academy)

Ratidzo Zimunhu, Rachel Mufaro, Joshua Engelbrecht, Lana O'donovan, Harry Johnson (Falcon College Esigodini)

Emma Craven, Makanakaishe Makwezwa (Chisipite Senior School)

Celeste Nyakuwa, Nyaradzo Muwando (Arundel School)

Ariel Nkomo, Shaun Nkomo (CBC Bulawayo)

Jessica Levendale, Nanette Hatinawedu (Dominican Convent Bulawayo)

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